‘AJANTA VALVES’ make Cast Iron Non Return Valve is a double flanged design with options of Gun metal/ Rubber flap as per IS:5312. It is heavy duty design to withstand high pressure.

Pressure Rating

  • Non-Return Valve P.N 0.6
  • Non-Return Valve P.N 1.0
  • Non-Return Valve P.N 1.6


Sr.No. Components Material Preferred Material Alternative
1 Body, Lever, Plate, Base Flap. Cast Iron I.S. 210 GR, FG 200
2 Hing Pin Stainless steel I.S. 6603 GR 12Cr 13 High Tensil Brass I.S. 320 GR, HTB-2
3 Body Ring Bronze I.S. 318 GR. LTB-2 Stainless Steel 6603
4 Gasket Rubber 638 TYPE B Neoprene Rubber
5 Flap Rubber 638 TYPE B Bronze I.S. 318 GR. LTB-2