AJANTA Make Chaff Cutter with 8″ wide mouth double spring loaded head plate, this machine is a minimum basic requirement for every cattle owner. The machine is operable both by hand and power. Machine comes with an option of oil cover to cover the gears which increases the life of the gears and helps in their lubrication. 6205 and 6206 no. Bearings are used in these machines for free movement in the machine.

Product Specifications

  • Two Roller 8 ” Head 40 Kg with Oil Cover (Taj Type).
  • Two Roller 8 ” Head 40 Kg with Oil Cover (Behram Type) ISI MARKED
  • ISI Marked as per IS:7898
  • Cutting Wheel from 36” to 42”.
  • 30″ Feeding trough (Parnala) G.I Sheet
  • 20″ Wooden Handle.
  • All nut bolts.

Product Features

  • Hand as well as Power Driven.
  • Optimum output for 3-4 cattle.
  • Requires only 2HP motor.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Spares easily available.
  • Easily Repairable.


  • Suitable for Chaff Cutting